Putali Nepal improves girls’ and women’s menstrual hygiene through period education and sustainable products


Putali Nepal is a non-profit project, which is based in Patan, Nepal. We provide information and resources about menstrual hygiene management (MHM) to individuals, schools, activists as well as organisations that work with girls, women and communities in the WASH sector.

All team members have been convinced and passionate users of menstrual cups for the past few of years.


Our team conducts workshops and trainings aimed at providing women and girls with a safe space to share personal experiences and learn about periods. We create and participate in public awareness raising events on the importance of safe periods for girls’ and women’s well being. We introduced the Menstrupedia Comic, a friendly guide about periods developed in India as well as Ruby Cup, a menstrual cup produced from high quality medical-grade silicon as a healthy and sustainable way to deal with periods in Nepal.

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We want to contribute to open up the conversation on periods in private and public spaces and make MHM more visible. We envision a world in which each woman can make informed choices regarding her body and feels comfortable with it – a world where an individual’s freedom, mobility, education and well being are not compromised by the monthly period.

We believe that if women and girls get the opportunity to participate in society more equally, a huge potential for advancing humanity as a whole is created. Social change needs to go hand in hand with an ecological awareness. That is why we are committed to work with long-term sustainable solutions.

Our Products

Ruby Cup

  • Cost-Efficient and reusable for up to 10 years

    Ruby Cup is made from 100% medical grade silicon and can be reused for up to 10 years. Compared to buying disposable sanitary products buying a Ruby Cup is an investment which pays off after approximately 2.5 years.

  • Time saving and practial: Empty only every 12 hours

    This means you can go through your entire day of school or work without having to empty Ruby Cup. No washing clothes, no extra effort buying sanitary products every month and no fear of leaking.

  • Environmentally friendly: No waste!

    Due to its long lifespan using Ruby Cup saves the environment tons of disposable hygiene products every year. With a Ruby Cup there is no need to dump sanitary pads or tampons which are often bleached with harmful chemicals anymore.

Ruby Cup is a high-quality menstrual cup made from 100% medical grade silicon. When used correctly it can be used for up to 10 years. Ruby Cup is inserted into the vagina to collect the menstrual fluid. It is regularly emptied and reinserted.

Currently Ruby Cup is available for sale in Kar.ma Coffee, Jhamsikhel, Patan (across from Moksh Bar) for single purchase. While we do not sell Ruby Cups in bulk, we conduct Ruby Cup trainings within the Kathmandu valley during which they are distributed.

Directions to Kar.ma Coffee

One Ruby Cup costs Nrs. 2200. It is available in the colours pink and blue. Each Ruby Cup comes with a 40-pages information brochure in Nepali or English explaining everything you need to know for a healthy period while using a Ruby Cup.

Menstrupedia Comic

  • Available in 2 languages

    Currently Menstrupedia Comic is available in Nepali and English language for the Nepali market.

  • Recommended for the age of 9+

    A comic book for girls and boys from roughly 5th to 10th grade. But also parents, teachers, health workers and activists will find the story inspiring and useful to open up the conversation on puberty and periods with children and youth.

  • Medically accurate, culturally sensitive and based on real life stories

    Developed in India by Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul in consultation with medical doctors, Menstrupedia comic is a perfect teaching tool for schools, reproductive health programs and parents at home.

The Menstrupedia comic is a great resource to learn about puberty and menstruation in a fun and easy to understand way. It is a wonderful tool for organisations, activists, parents and schools alike to teach about these topics in an age-appropriate and culturally sensitive way. The Menstrupedia comic was developed by visionaries Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul in Ahmedabad, India and is available in Nepal so far in Nepali and English language. In the near future, we hope to add Hindi as well.

For single purchases please visit Kar.ma Coffee, Jhamsikhel, Patan (across from Moksh bar). Here are the directions.

For bulk orders contact us to arrange a collection in Jawalakhel, Patan. We provide regular pick-ups once a week.

One Menstrupedia comic costs Nrs. 550. For schools and local NGOs we offer discounted rates for bulk orders. Please get in touch with us to learn more. 

Our Trainings

Ruby Cup Training

Our Ruby Cup Training…

  • addresses questions on menstruation in a culturally-sensitive and age-appropriate way
  • creates a comfortable environment to share experiences
  • introduces eco-friendly alternatives to deal with periods
  • supports participants during the first months of usage

In our Ruby Cup trainings we aim to create a save space for girls and women to talk about periods. The 3-hours session, which is led by an experienced trainer covers the usage of Ruby Cup, a Q&A session and a short review about the topic of menstruation. In order to ensure time for personal questions and active involvement the maximum number of participants is limited to 20. Please note that basic knowledge about the body, puberty and menstruation is required to participate in this training. We also accompany new users during their first months of use and evaluate the program after three months together.

Currently we are happy to provide trainings for interested organisations and individuals within the Kathmandu valley. Please contact us at least three weeks prior to your desired training date for scheduling and further details. On the workshop date we ask you to provide a cosy room, a projector and a computer.

If you are based outside of the Kathmandu valley, please get in touch with us as well, maybe there are ways we can work together as well.

For the first training for you as a host organisation we charge Nrs. 5000 for the 3-hours training. Each follow-up training costs Nrs. 3000. After the training the participants receive a 40-pages Nepali brochure about Ruby Cup and general aspects of a healthy menstrual hygiene management. If interested the Ruby Cup can be purchased by either the participants or the host organisation for the costs of Nrs. 1500 each.

If you are a local NGO or school working directly with girls you can inquire with us about our donation program that forms part of Ruby Cup’s “Buy one give one”-principle. In case your group, school or organisation qualifies, we are able to provide Ruby Cups for free.

Gallery of Ruby Cup Trainings

Menstrupedia Comic Training

Our Menstrupedia Comic Training…

  • introduces periods and puberty to girls and boys in a sensitive way
  • makes students review learnt content by having access to the comic in the library after the training
  • is a one-hour session – perfect for schools
  • is conducted by trainers who love to teach in an entertaining way

The Menstrupedia training is a sensitive way to introduce especially younger students (boys and girls in separate groups) to the topics of puberty and periods. This one-hour introductory session is meant to explain the basics regarding growing up, right nutrition during puberty, periods and maintaining menstrual hygiene. The recommended age to participate in this training is from 9 years onwards. We work with the “Hello Periods”-video for this training, which is an entertaining and age-appropriate resource.

For an initial training (so far only available in the Kathmandu Valley) we ask you to provide a projector and computer which is able to run a PDF presentation and play a video with audio. The session is easily repeatable and Putali Nepal can train teachers having this session each year to implement it into a school’s or organisation’s curriculum, for example from 6th grade onwards.

Our aim is to equip at least one classroom per school with a Menstrupedia Comic so it can be passed on each school year. Alternatively, a few copies could be made available in the school’s or community’s library. In order to achieve this goal we offer the following rates:


Get at least 30+ comics (rates for public schools only) for Nrs. 350 per book and get the training for free.


Purchase single copies for your library or classroom at a price of Nrs. 550 and pay a contribution to our trainer’s work of Nrs. 1500 per session.


Gallery of Menstrupedia Comic Trainings


At Putali Nepal we believe that changing practices and perceptions regarding MHM needs to take place through a variety of strategies and forms of expressions that include the personal as well as the public. Besides our regular programs, we participate in public awareness raising events, national conferences on youth, health and MHM and are present on local markets to reach wide audiences from diverse backgrounds. In addition, every year on international Menstrual Hygiene Day in May, we strive to organise an event. For this purpose we have so far collaborated with Nepali artists, NGOs, schools and activists.

We are proud to be members of the national Menstrual Hygiene Management Practitioners Alliance, a group of organisations active in the promotion of MHM-programs that advises the Nepali government on future strategies in this area. Lastly, since menstrual cups are still a rather new product in Nepal for many individuals, activists and NGOs Putali Nepal remains their first direct point of contact on the ground for further information. We strive for collaboration and the sharing of experiences and knowledge within the MHM-movement in Nepal.


Our Team

Aishwarya Rani

Founding Board & Managing Director


Founding Board & Managing Director


Founding Board & Trainer


Founding Board & Trainer


Founding Board





Get in touch

Are you interested in collaborating with us for workshops, sharing knowledge and experiences or placing a bulk order for the Menstrupedia comic book? Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or at namaste@putali-nepal.com.

The best way to stay updated on our work is to visit us here:

  • Jawalakhel, Patan, Nepal

Please note that Putali Nepal is a largely voluntarily run project. It might take a couple of days for us to process your request.

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